Driftless Area Artists - Welcomes You...
Driftless Area Artists - Welcomes You...

Calendar of Events 


                                 <<  July 2019 >>


Saturday  06  Second Figure Drawing Studio at MAC. Draw 2:00 pm -4:30 pm.   

Modeling for us will be Hanna Wolf, a gal from New Glarus who also models for UW Madison classes.


Saturday 13  Third and last Figure Drawing Studio at MAC. Draw 2:00 pm -4:30 pm .

Returning from our first year studio will be a gal from Monroe, Rachel Holcomb. 


Saturday 27  Evening ART OUT AT THE SHED. DAA Member, Patrick McGowan invites us to his Art Shed at N6886 Cnty N for the evening. Come at 6:00 pm and to do art.



 <<  August 2019 >> 


Durning AUGUST, DAA has a case display in the Monroe Public Library


Thursday 15   DAA Board Meeting 6:30 pm second floor meeting room of MAC.


Saturday  17  Artists in Monticello, WI Montesian Park.  Come any time, but be there for noon lunch and tour of Linda Shannon's studio in Monticello.  Bring your own lunch.  


<<  September 2019 >>

All members meeting and Potlusck Dinner with election of Board Members

Date and Time TBA



<<  October 2019 >>


Durning October, DAA has a case display in the Monroe Public Library


 <<  November 2019 >>

During November, DAA has a case display in the Brodhead Pulic Library 


 <<  December 2019 >>

Any volunteers to Host a Holiday Party?



Driftless Area Artists Membership Application

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About MAC 



Community Events




 Board of Directors:

President -   Terry Tackett    

Vice Pres. - Mary Zierold

Secretary  - Mary Soddy

Treasurer - Merry Dragovich

Board  -  Joan Stackpole 

Board  -  Patrick McGowan

BoardJeanne Ausmus  

WebmasterJ. Stackpole

Membership - Mary Zierold



We encourage all members to

participate in a committee that

interests you.  

Please contact any officer or

member listed above if you

have a special interest or skill

you can share.  If you would like

to hold a workshop or art

activity that you would like the

group to consider, contact

any board member with your



The Board of Directors meets

the Second Thursday of

February, May, August and



We have an all members’

potluck/meeting/ get-together

every September.





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