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Driftless Area Artists - Welcomes You...


2019 Summer Figure Drawing Studio was a success. Our three drawing studios were held in the main lobby of the MAC. Each Saturday we had a different model posing. We made use of our drawing ponies and MAC tables.  At the August 8th meeting of the DAA Board, it was decided we would host this event again in 2020.  Artists of all skill levels are invited to attend. Dates will be announced at the September All Members Meeting and then be posted on the website.  Click picture for caption.  Attending but not pictured were Jeanie Ausmus and Mary Zierold, with Rachel Holcomb modeling.


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Jeanne Ausmus Noted for Her Square Chair!

Main Street Monroe, Inc.          June 27 at 3:02 PM · 

This week’s #musicalchairsonthesquare artist spot is on Jeanne Ausmus!

A native of rural Monroe and an art major at Platteville State University, Jeanne worked in retail on the square for 33 years!

This is the 10th year in a row she's created pieces for Monroe--including previously painting in Main Street's community garden.

Her 5th colored pencil drawing of the courthouse was completed this year. Her pieces are available at Sundry FindsGreen County Development CorporationRock and Rust "A Junque Boutique", and Monroe Arts Center's WRAP Shows.

Check out Jeanne's work and 21 other pieces throughout the downtown district this summer!

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Terry Tackett, DAA President


- Art Challenge Window Boxes – Sometimes inspiration needs a little kick start, so we are going to hold a quarterly art challenge for our members. Take the suggested theme, this time window boxes, and run with it in your own imagination and style. Submit a picture of your creation to Joan Stackpole joanstackpole@gmail.com for her to post on our website and Facebook page. We will bring our creations to share in person at our annual member meeting in September, where we also will announce the next challenge.  Thanks to Valerie Wiehman-Rock for this suggestion and Mary Zierold for the first theme!

 Look Who Won An Award


At the 2019 Tallman Art Fair held in Janesville, Wisconsin, our gal, Terry Tackett came away with an award.  In the category for 3-D Art she recieved the  First Place Award. We know her felted bowls, vases and paintings are awesome.  Now she has the pictured award to display in her art fair booth. 

             Three Win WRAP Awards

State Award Winners were DAA members Elaine Bethke for her acrylic painting of Jenny  & The Duck and Jeanne Ausmus for Cemetary Prairie (Burn), a colored pencil painting.  Taking an Honorary Mention for his photograph, River Angel, was DAA member, Roger 'Earth' Dorenden.  State winners will move on to the WI State level WRAP contest this fall where they will compete for further awards. 


 Board of Directors:

President -   Terry Tackett    

Vice Pres. - Mary Zierold

Secretary  - Mary Soddy

Treasurer - Merry Dragovich

Board  -  Joan Stackpole 

Board  -  Patrick McGowan

BoardJeanne Ausmus  

WebmasterJ. Stackpole

Membership - Mary Zierold



We encourage all members to

participate in a committee that

interests you.  

Please contact any officer or

member listed above if you

have a special interest or skill

you can share.  If you would like

to hold a workshop or art

activity that you would like the

group to consider, contact

any board member with your



The Board of Directors meets

the Second Thursday of

February, May, August and



We have an all members’

potluck/meeting/ get-together

every September.





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