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Driftless Area Artists - Welcome You...

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Fronds, Frogs and River Fronds, Frogs and River by Sarah Aslakson

Sarah Aslakson  One of most important elements in my work is the use of color. I am particularly interested in how color itself, rather than shading or composition, affects mood and the viewer's response to my work. I have used the same or variations on a compositional theme repeatedly, using different colors and color combinations to achieve different moods and responses to my work.

To learn more about Saraha Aslakson the artist, visit her website at www.sarahaslakson.com.

colored pencil drawing of an old one room school house filled with attentive students by Jeanne Ausmus School Room in colored pencil by Jeanne Ausmus

Jeanne Ausmus  My artistry records the present and re-creates the past. I draw from photographs; some new and some antique. The medium I use is colored pencils on colored paper. A drawing usually takes 25-50 hours to complete. My style is slightly Impressionistic because the colors are applied side by side to create the right effect.  My subject matter varies in each picture. I've drawn old barns, old school houses, cheese  factories, the Green County Courthouse, scenes from the Farmer's Market both in Madison and in Monroe, animals, flowers and a few people.  I've participated in many art shows at the Monroe Arts Center, Monroe Clinic and Middleton  Public Library. This will be my 13th year in the WRAP competition. I have had four drawings go onto the state competition resulting in one award. A few years ago I was commissioned by Historic Monroe to draw a series of pictures portraying past schools of Monroe. These six drawings are now on permanent display at the Monroe Public Library. Other commissions for private individuals keep me busy.

Victoria Bein - Pastels & Drawings are Victoria's main artistic pursuits. She feels her intuitive line drawings are foundational to the development of her work. As simple sketches evolve into more complex forms, I explore and uncover my unconscious world. Themes develop. Shapes communicate and are broken or rearranged in search of place. Intersecting lines reveal hidden content, patterns, and possibilities for positive and negative space. I tell stories that are not necessarily in a known language; often they appear to me as a puzzle or mystery to be unveiled. Through the use of contrasting elements that project a combination of whimsy and dis-ease, I integrate conflicts of both my inner and outer world. While the iconography is personal, the resulting images tap into a collective unconscious. Key to my vision and compositions are palette restriction, layering, and the creation of transparency within forms.

Carbon pencil and pastel on paper allow me to emphasize linear marks ranging from bold to barely visible and to build a rich surface of texture and shading.

As each drawing goes through a series of transformations, I seek to maintain the impulse of the initial sketch by retaining much of its primitive line--the ancestral source. A constant underlying theme in my work is the expression of a synergistic feminism with inclusivity at its core: the creation of wholeness out of diversity. Thus each final piece reflects my journey; blending representational elements with
abstraction, finding unity and harmony in the chaos of fragments. To learn more about Victoria Bein, visit her website at VictoriaBein.com or you may contact her here via email

Landscape quilt, purples, blues, moonlit forest with fairy along a path in the woods called "Once Upon a Firefly Moon" by Sally Berray Once Upon a Firefly Moon by Sally Berray

Sally Berray - Sally holds a degree in graphic art but she has her hands in many artistic pursuits including beaded jewelry, beadwork, calligraphy, candle making, crafts, creating artistic books, cards and journals, design, drawing, embroidery, landscape quilting, paper mache, papermaking, photography, pop-up books, sculpting, sewing, soap making, typography, and watercolor painting.  Sally enjoys discovering new mediums with which to express the beauty she finds in the world. If you would like to contact Sally you can email her here.   Visit her website SallyBerray.com

Cement Bird Bath made from rhubarb leaves by Polly Brockert-Prochaska Ruhbarb Cement Bird Bath by Polly Prochaska

Polly Brockert - Prochaska is a self-taught artist with a passion for creating beautiful mosaics, cement work, &  photography. Looking to expand her talents by learning welding and stained glass in 2018. Finding items to upcycle or recycle into beautiful works of art gives Polly a lust for creating. Working with broken mirrors, salvaged tiles, rocks and the like makes for some very interesting  results. Whether it be on, boxes, bowling balls, ornaments, musical instruments, wood cutouts, tables or chairs, or glass, Polly believes everything can be re purposed to be something beautiful again.  So if a beautiful mosaic or fine art photograph is in your future, contact Polly here.

Mark Brzeszkiewicz - I'm an emerging artist with a life-long passion for mechanical movements. This passion was developed over 25 years of working in the & Material Handling Industry & where I wrenched on, designed and witnessed the most sophisticated automated equipment built to improve our lives.

On July 19th 2011, I came upon a kinetic sculpture titled & "Sun Dance &" by David C. Roy. This was the first time I saw something with the characteristics of the finely tuned packaging machines so common to my work, moving for no purpose other than to be.  From that day forth my mind started working in ways only my dreams could understand. My euphoric obsession turned into the desire to create the Vision that drives me today: Gears Floating in Space Dancing with one Another in a Never Ending Array of Boundless Patterns.  I View this Vision as being given the Product of a Chaotic Math Equation, without the Formula.  It’s like Reverse Engineering, a dream……… You can reach me on Facebook at  /m.brez.art@gmail/

The Monkees by Nikki Cooper of Green Chicks Gallery of Monroe, Wisconsin The Monkees

Nikki Cooper of Green Chicks Studio on the square in downtown Monroe, Wisconsin, creates beautiful fun art. She takes recycled plastic bottles, newspaper, wire, quilting scraps and duct tape and turns them into art.  Be sure to stop in the next time you're in Monroe and see all the great art Nikki has to offer. Check out Green Chicks Studio Website at  www.greenchicksstudio.com  or email Nikki Cooper for more information

Roger Dorenden  photographs nature with an eye that is matched by few.  He has won numerous awards for his photography of birds and animals in the wild. Along with his camera, Roger takes patience and skill into the field.  He will wait hours for the right shot. His sense of humor creeps into photos he shares with friends. Roger is a nature photographer of extrodenary skill.

"Follow Me" Mosaic by Meredith Dragovich "Follow Me" Mosaic by Meredith Dragovich

Meredith Dragovich I have always had a passion for detail.  Mosaics gives me the time to really “put the pieces together”.  I like the surprises to the eye of different textures, shapes and colors coming together to create a whole that can be enjoyed in tiny details.  I want also to create two (or more) pictures in one:  The way the light reflects off the tile at night, daylight vs. electric light, creates new ways to see the same image.  The tactile surfaces, asking to be felt as well as seen, provide another, sculptural dimension.  They have a permanence and solidity that connects them through time to the ancient.  I have explored many art techniques, following in my family's footsteps.  I have finally found my medium.  I am looking for a venue to share my creations with others. To see more of my art, visit my webpage gallery: facebook webpage.  Or email me.

Artist Jim Ferris, sits behind his photography offered for sale at local art fairs in and around Wisconsin. Photographer Jim Ferris

Jim Ferris  is a photographer from Monroe, Wisconsin, who specializes in nature photography. He enjoys capturing scenes of trees, flowers, plants, animals, rivers, and lakes, and getting them into people's hands in the form of a photograph. Jim is also a woodcarver, having done mainly plaques and clocks. Always looking for more ways to express his creativity, Jim plans on creating wooden toys, furniture, and more in the future.

Steven Fisher is a Cartoonist and Novelist who resides in Monroe Wisconsin. He joined the DAA in March of 2017 his complete bio and art works will be here soon so check back often. You may also contact Steven here by email.  Steven has also authored two Sci Fi and a mystery Novel.

Roger Goodspeed - I have no particular “style” but feel approach and media should vary with subject matter.  Most of my work is done in water-media [watercolors and acrylics] but I enjoy exploring other media as well.  I usually paint in a semi-realistic manner but occasionally try the difficult approach of evoking a response with abstraction. I began painting during a prolonged period of invalidism following a truck- bicycle accident at age nine.  At first , I mostly copied Audubon bird prints using oils [too messy for a bed-ridden child], then using Tempera, and finally ,when they became available, acrylics.  I remained a wildlife realist painter for years and picked up training whenever I could when I had time away from my medical practice.  With retirement, more training at workshops, and participation in competitions and shows, I matured and expanded in to other media and other subject matter, and other approaches than strict realism.  Lately, I have enjoyed exploring converting sound into vision as Walt Disney attempted in his “Fantasia ” productions.  I listen to a piece of music and convert the pictures the music produces in my mind to a 2 dimensional painting.  Difficult, but sometimes rewarding.  I believe an artist should hope to renew the joy and curiosity felt by small children, which we seem to loose as adults.  Whether the vision comes through the eye or from deep within the mind, it is a precious blessing to be savored. lean more by visiting my website at: www.rogergoodspeed.com

two kayaks paddle to each other under a full moon. called " Kayaks in the Moonlight" by Elaine Bethke "Kayaks in the Moonlight" by Elaine Bethke


Elaine Johnson Bethke I have always loved art and have an Art Minor from UW Eau Claire. When my kids were small I did outdoor shows and commissions focusing on pen and ink drawings of homes and taught classes at Monroe Arts Center and Blackhawk Technical College.  Lately I have been working mostly in acrylics, focusing on combining my love of family history with painting starting with paintings, on vintage saws, which speak to the logging and farming history of our family heritages. Email Elaine Johnson Bethke

"Woman" Fired Clay

Kathy King  Always a teacher and a student is how I would describe myself.  I cannot ever turn it off.  I’m always seeking more when it comes to creating art.  I have been greatly influenced by the artists I have been in contact with at Bethel Horizons/Adamah Studios as a student the last 16 years and as a ceramics teacher for over 20 years. I've grown to know the power of networking with artist friends and other professionals within the art field. With a Masters in Education, I have been teaching in the public Schools for more than two decades.  Eighteen of those years at Monroe High School, teaching Ceramics, Watercolor, Computer Graphics, and Jewelry. My strength is persistence; I have always been drawn to certain shapes and forms and over the years of experimenting with many techniques, I continue to come back to those with a new twist, mostly influenced by what I have just learned and observed.

Lisa M. Martin -


Information to come soon,

I hope!



Patrick McGowan  paints in watercolor and acrylic. He resides in Monticello, Wisconsin, and joined the DAA in September 2016. His bio is coming soon so

check back again to learn more about Patricks' artwork.

Steampunk Pug by Suzanne Miller Steampunk Pug by Suzanne Miller

Suzanne Miller of Green Chicks Studio in Monroe, Wisconsin has been a working professional artist for over 25 years specializing in graphic design, theatre prop and set design, mural painting, acrylic painting and sculpture. Her primary focus is recycled mixed media sculpture which uses recycled plastic bottles and containers, wire, newspaper and tape to create an sculpture armature. These are covered in a fabric mache using recycled sheets and a newspaper clay. Pieces are finished with acrylic mediums and varnish and enhanced with found objects. Whimsical animals and creatures are her main themes. Miller’s work has been sold worldwide. Her murals can be found in many public locations throughout the Monroe and Madison areas. She currently sells most of her work through juried art fairs and exhibits in Wisconsin and Illinois. Many samples of her work and her current exhibit schedule can be found at www.greenchicksstudio.com.

Jane Olson is a watercolor artist who lives in the beautiful countryside east of New Glarus, Wisconsin. Jane's home studio sits atop a rocky bluff overlooking miles of rolling prairie and fields where she often sees deer, eagles, wild turkey and a myriad of bird species from her window. Her paintings reflect the nature around her home. Jane is a member of Wisconsin Regional Arts Association.

Glen Polnow Artist from Monroe, WI


  More Information coming soon!

Sandhill Crane is a depiction of the Lower Sugar River Watershed's Logo by Jill Sampson Sandhill Crane by Jill Sampson

Jill Sampson  I enjoy creating in fiber arts and photography. I cannot remember when I wasn’t knitting or taking pictures when I was growing up. Throughout school and college and as an adult, I took many classes in both mediums. I love nature, and in my photographs, I often capture the interplay between light, textures and the transitions within the seasons. Besides making hand-knitted garments, I also create knitted sculptures and textured “scenes” using a variety of fibers, beads and wire. I am the Lower Sugar River Watershed Association’s Chairperson of The Seasons of the Sugar River Annual Juried Show held at The Monroe Arts Center.  For information on upcoming LSRWA art and nature workshops for all skill-level and mediums.

Cows watercolor by Linda Shannon of the Driftless Area Artists AssociationLinda Shannon Green County Area Cows A watercolor by Linda Shannon

Linda Shannon -  My art is an extension of my faith and walk with God. I love the true God and his son the Lord Jesus Christ and my paintings are part of my worship of Him. I praise and thank him for the beautiful farm scenery of Green County that I reside in, that are the primary images I use. Some paintings bring to mind for me, Bible verses and some I have done calligraphy first and then painted.

My methods of finding painting subjects are taking photographs while bicycling, walking or driving. I then paint in my small home studio. I have drawn and painted all my life. Some seasons of my life, I only produced a few, but my dream was always to paint and have art shows. I went to college for art and worked in graphic arts for 20 years. Currently, I am a RN working part-time and looking forward to when I can retire and paint more.

Cheese Days 2016 was my first public art show. I was excited to show my original watercolors and calligraphy depicting the farm scenery of Green County. I have found my favorite subject and medium. The hills and hollows, the animals, plants, flowers, and most of all the barns of this beautiful area in watercolor. In July 2017, I had a painting in BFAI Beloit Gallery with the Driftless Area Artist Association. August-November 2017, another painting is in “The Art of Healing Show” at Monroe Clinic Hospital.

I grew up in Port Washington, Wisconsin and now reside in Monticello, Wisconsin. My family roots are in Argyle, WI. My ancestors were Norwegian immigrants that pioneered farms in that area. I still have second cousins farming in the area.

acrylic painting of a gobblet of orange juice with oranges and juicer in foreground on black background by artist Joan Stackpole "Get Juiced" by Joan Stackpole

Joan Stackpole is a Monroe artist who works in the mediums of acrylic, graphite, and watercolor. Joan finds great pleasure creating paintings that reflect her life experiences and her love of the outdoors. Joan is a member of Wisconsin Regional Arts Association. Her work can be seen at Enteerprise Center and at Art and Antiques both in Monbroe, WI.



Helen Stauffer, a Monroe resident, has dabbled in art her entire life. She is a photographer and currently paints in watercolor and acrylic. Her work can be seen in the Lower Sugar River Watershed exhibits and the WRAP exhibits at the Monroe Arts Center Helen is a member of the Wisconsin Regional Arts Association.

New Season by Terry Tackett New Season by Terry Tackett


Terry Tackett enjoys working with fiber and combining it with elements of other media. Her work reflects her love of nature and optimistic spirit. You can find her work and upcoming shows on her website at tackettsmeadow.com

Valerie Weihman-Rock - Metalwork, Sculptor, Painter,comes to us from Arglye, Wisconsin. She creates beautiful art including metal work, watercolors, and more. Check back often to see updates on Valerie's bio. This artist is still underconstruction. contact her here


Karen Woodbury


Info coming soon A New member in 2018!

Wall Hanging by Mary Zierold Wall Art by Mary Zierold


Mary K. Zierold  has been painting and doing needlework since age five and has been actively involved in the arts all her life. She holds a BA in Art Education, an AAS in Graphic Design, and an MSE in Cultural Arts Management.


She often works with acrylics and watercolors, however her true passion is fabric, which she manipulates with different techniques, hand- and machine-quilt, adding embellishments to create "Art Quilts.”


For more information on obtaining some of Mary's works of art or to commission a new work of art for you or your business, contact Mary here via email.


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Pens and Pencil made by DAA member George Siekert A Felted Vase Created by Terry Tackett

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