Driftless Area Artists - Welcomes You...
Driftless Area Artists - Welcomes You...

Who are the Driftless Area Artists?

We are not artists who wander aimlessly in the name of art. Our group’s name originates from the region's hills and valleys and its terrain as the result of its having escaped glaciation in the last glacial period.  Our Driftless Area covers much of southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois. It is the beautiful area in which we live, work, and create art.  
As artists we are painters and potters, wool workers and woodworkers, photo takers, mosaic makers, and jewelry creators.  Whether our tool of choice is brush, pencil, needle, wheel, chisel, or lens, we love sharing our art with each other and within surrounding communities.
We welcome artists of any level into our organization. 

The Driftless Area Artists are “committed to nurturing the artistic growth and development of artists.” 

The Driftless Area Artists By-Laws

DAA By Laws
These by-laws govern the Driftless Area Artists.
Feel free to read them for more details on the governess of the Driftless Area Artists
FINAL_APPROVED_Bylaws for DAA_09-10-201[...]
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2019 -2020

 Board of Directors:

President -   Terry Tackett    

Vice Pres. - Mary Zierold

Secretary  - Mary Soddy

Treasurer - Joan Stackpole

Board  -  Patrick McGowan

BoardJeanne Ausmus 

Board - Bonnie Schetski 

WebmasterJ. Stackpole

Membership - Mary Zierold



We encourage all members to

participate in a committee that

interests you.  

Please contact any officer or

member listed above if you

have a special interest or skill

you can share.  If you would like

to hold a workshop or art

activity that you would like the

group to consider, contact

any board member with your



The Board of Directors meets

the Second Thursday of

February, May, August and



We have an all members’

potluck/meeting/ get-together

every September.





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